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Since 1994

From the serene valleys of Dehradun, we blend nature’s essence into transformative Ayurvedic solutions. Discover our commitment to a healthier tomorrow with Nagarjun Pharmaceuticals.

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Who we are

Nagarjun Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of high class ayurvedic medicines & other ayurvedic formulations. Nagarjun Pharmaceuticals was incorporated by Vaidya (Dr) Satyendra Kumar Singh in 1994 at Dehradun, the capital city of Devbhoomi Uttrakhand, Bharat.
Vaidya (Dr) Satyendra Kumar Singh laid the foundation of Nagarjun Pharmaceuticals earlier in 1987 for the training and research purpose. Later in 1992 he applied for the Ayurvedic manufacturing License and got it successfully in 1994.
Nagarjun Pharmaceuticals continues its 30+ years legacy of manufacturing and marketing of high class ayurvedic medicines & other ayurvedic formulation.